Meet the team behind Todd Fish Tech…

The inventors of the Lobster Pod and our ShellFish Tech are marine biologist Dr Keith Todd who has over 30 years experience of working in the aquaculture and aquatic industries and Errin Todd who has 17 years experience of working with the inshore fisheries sector (shellfish).

Keith and Errin also have extensive product design and manufacturing experience for the fishing industry.

They are joined by Laura Johnson, Fish Tech Engineer and William Kyle, Fish Tech Technician. Together they are Team Todd Fish.

Errin Todd

Founder and Sea-E-O

Errin co-invented the Lobster Pod system with her marine biologist husband, Dr Keith Todd. She has worked alongside the fishing industry for 17 years. Chief bean counter, tweeter and buck holder. A graduate of Glasgow University and with a Postgraduate Degree from Edinburgh University she is now using all of that knowledge to grow Todd Fish Tech.  She loves being the Captain of the  team (as they are a great bunch … and she is a bit bossy!).  She loves meeting the customers and is a people person who is an optimist with a real ‘can do’ attitude.  Errin recently took part in an Entrepreneurial Leadership course thanks to Fife Economy Partnership and Napier University learning all of the tools to start the shellfish revolution!

Dr Keith Todd

Research and Development Director

Keith has a degree in Fisheries Science and Oceanography from Plymouth University and a PhD in Marine Biology from Stirling University. Since 1998 he has been self-employed with a real focus on fisheries science research and developing new engineered technology for the fishing industry. Keith is in charge of innovation and operates our testing lab for new product design. He is a real problem solver. Keith is clever, down to earth and the rudder of our team. We all know we’re in for a late night when Keith says, “I’ve got an idea!”

Laura Johnson

Fish Tech Engineer

Since graduating in Marine Biology from Glasgow University in 2014 Laura has been working as a research technician in a Marine Station.  We are pleased to have her onboard as she brings youthful energy to the team.  She has a real knack in animal husbandry and is a great all-rounder.  Laura is fab with the camera, creating our operation manuals, and adds to our blogs and social media. Laura is a keen scuba diver and enjoys working on-site with our customers the most.


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