Lobster Tanks and Shellfish Holding Systems from 125Kg to 20 tonnes capacity made by Todd Fish Tech, here in the UK.

We make the best recirculation systems for Lobsters, Crab and Langoustine. Optimum conditions ensure happy and healthy shellfish. Best Fishes – Always.

Designed by Marine Biologist Dr Keith Todd formerly of Aqua Logistix, Green Blue Fish and Research Director at St Abbs Marine Station these Lobster, Brown Crab and Langoustine systems have been supplied throughout Europe since 1998.

Our recirculation systems provide a cost effective method of holding Crustacea to ensure the highest quality and fantastic condition of product and therefore the highest price whether you hold short term prior to export or long term for the Christmas market.

Systems are secure, easy to operate and maintain and utilise the latest energy efficient mechanical and biological filtration to keep running costs low.

Our customers in 2015 included a fisherman who used to hold lobsters at sea but needed better security and our 250Kg capacity system meant he could ensure his regular supply to London restaurants without having to brave the seas in poor weather.  We supplied this same system to shellfish merchants in Llandudno and Tenby in Wales.  The new lobster tanks improved the quality of the livestock and made the day to day operation easier and meant a rise in profits.

In 2016 our lobster tank customers included a fisherman on the Island of Skye (who added windows to his tanks to make checking his lobsters easier) and a fish merchant in the North of Scotland.  We found many of our customers in 2016 were choosing Lobster Pod storage systems due to the added benefits however if you are new to holding shellfish and if you want a system which is easy to operate and quick to check and maintain then the standard tank based systems are the best for you.

Another merchant new to the industry based in London is holding Canadian lobsters and using seawater mix on a bespoke lobster tank.  Canadians can cause more problems in holding tanks as they have been held out of the water for days and once re-immersed produce 10 times the amount of ammonia which is toxic. We therefore increased the biological filtration capacity and provided extra training and advice to get him up and running as quickly as possible.

We have also added a chloramine filter to his system to remove chloramine (a mix of chlorine and ammonia widely used in tap water in large cities) which is harmful to shellfish. Another happy customer and lots of happy lobsters!

Optimum conditions ensure happy and healthy shellfish.

Shellfish System Components

The Shellfish Holding System includes:

  • Tank – Insulated Fibreglass tank.
  • Mechanical and Biological Filtration – Energy efficient filtration.
  • Seawater Chiller – enables finger tip control to cool the water. This is ideal for preparing your livestock for transit and essential if holding live crustacea in the Summer months. An optional heater ensures optimum temperatures at all times.
  • Recirculation Pump – Energy efficient pump.
  • UV Sterilizer
  • Flowmeter
  • GRP framework (optional) – This toxin and maintenance free frame holds the filtration and cooling technology to ensure it is compact and free standing.
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