Todd Fish Tech supply a range of fibreglass tanks from 2 foot cubes to 20 metres long raceway tanks.

We have a new design Triple Filter with biological and mechanical filtration alongside a protein skimmer in one unit.

Todd Fish Tech is delighted to offer all of our tanks and filters for sale as individual components.  We also have a new range of polypropylene tanks.  We can manufacture bespoke sized tanks to meet your requirements and recent requests have included vivariums, large display fish tanks, bespoke filtration units, moving bed bio-reactors and koi ponds.  We can supply many colours (although usually blue, green or white!),  insulated or not,  glass or acrylic windows, feet or stands, integrated drains and pipe fittings or chilling compartment fitted.

Give Keith a call on Tel 01383 829800 or 01383 820685 with your ideas.

Triple Filter
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