The Lobster Pod is an innovative live shellfish storage system.

The Lobster Pod creates the optimum conditions for your shellfish.  Lobsters, crab and langoustine can be stored for days or months.

Short, medium or long term storage for live shellfish

Most of the Lobster Pods we sell are used for short term storage of lobsters. Fishermen use the Pod as a safe, secure and convenient holding system for shellfish.  The Pods can also be used for medium or long term storage for seasonal markets. In storage mode the customised fish boxes in the Pod are flooded and there is a large sump and our unique integrated six stage filtration. The Lobster Pod storage model is ideal for hospitality to hold shellfish for your restaurant ensuring optimum quality and taste.

We also supply standard lobster tanks but the Lobster Pod has many benefits over these.  The Lobster Pods take up less space and have the maximum capacity of shellfish on the smallest footprint.  The Pod can fit in a shed or garage.  The customised fish boxes allow easy grading and stock rotation.  They use less water (so less water needed for water changes) and can drain automatically in a power cut.  The stock is separated reducing the risk of physical damage and stress for your lobsters. If you are planning to install a lobster tank please speak to our team who can advice you on the best option for you.

An onboard version of the Lobster Pod can be utilised to hold the shellfish in seawater reducing stress on the animals caused by wind and sun damage.

Lobster Pod Vivier

The Lobster Pod can also be used as a vivier. The transport Lobster Pod uses a controlled atmosphere system (including mist) replacing the need for large amounts of seawater. It has been scientifically proven to increase the survival rate of shellfish during transit to 99% from an industry average of 85%. A lighter load saves fuel and reduces carbon emissions.  The water is chilled and filtered meaning the animals’ metabolism is slowed down so they produce less waste and are less stressed.  We use the full cubic capacity of your vehicle increasing the amount of produce delivered and reducing the waste.

Traceable and pallestised system

The vivier Lobster Pod is palletised making it quicker and easier to load and unload. Shellfish are held in customised fish boxes making traceability possible and ‘Fish and Chip’ telemetry can be added ensuring provenance of your shellfish from catch to plate. Shellfish are happier and healthier and therefore tastier for the consumer.

Worldwide shellfish market

The worldwide market of lobster, crab, prawns, scallop and other shellfish species is over $40 billion and growing. Of this an average of 15% is wasted due damage and stress during transportation. We have the solution.

The benefits of the Lobster Pod system are many…

The Lobster Pod is a novel, patent pending live shellfish storage system. It has been scientifically proven to increase survival to over 99%.

The quality of the shellfish is improved by utilising a unique controlled atmosphere system which creates the optimum conditions for lobster, crab, langoustine and other shellfish species.

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