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£500 off New Lobster Pod Triple Filter


Errin Todd


February 18, 2016


Our latest addition to the Lobster Pod range is a new Triple Filter.

It includes a Mechanical Filter, Biological Filter and Protein Skimmer – all in one unit.

Lobster Pod Filter for Shellfish Tank

Lobster Pod Triple Filter

The three parts are manufactured from fiberglass in one piece making the filter compact.  It has been designed to be easy to use, cost-effective to operate with energy efficient recirculation pumps.  This design needs less cleaning and maintenance than other filters on the market.  It keeps your shellfish system water in optimum condition.

The mechanical filter contains 3 different grades of high quality filter foam discs with reducing pore sizes as the water gets nearer to the top.  These sponges catch sand, dirt, particles or waste.  They can be easily removed and cleaned in a standard sink when needed.  If this part of the filter gets clogged up the water spills over the top through a “tell-tale” as a clear visual indication.  This also means the water flow in your system does not stop with potential loss of water quality or oxygen in your system (as can happen with sand filters etc.). This mechanical filter also uses centripetal force (I know big, strange word eh!) which means as the water spins around the particles are thrown to the side and drop to the bottom of the filter where they can be easily drained off by opening a valve.  A natural force which requires no electric – bonus.

The water then flows (using gravity – more natural forces, no extra running cost!) into the biological filter.  The second filtration process in the Triple Filter is a moving bed bio-reactor.  This uses small inert biological media with a large surface area which are rumbled around with aeration.  The good bacteria grow on these surfaces and process the ammonia (shellfish pee) into less harmful nitrite and then nitrate.  For more information on the nitrogen cycle please see our sister company website for Todd’s Top Tips here:

The final section is the Protein Skimmer which skims off the oils and waste just like the waves on a stormy day.  Have you ever seen the sea foam on a beach during winter?  The Protein Skimmer does the same job.  To clean this you simply remove the top cup and rinse under the tap.  A window lets you see when it is full.

All of our systems are designed to be easy to use, clean and maintain.  They are cost-effective to use with energy efficient pumps and using natures forces e.g. gravity where possible.

The Triple Filter can be retro fitted to most shellfish systems.  Give Keith a call on 01383 820685 to check suitability and ratings.

Special offer of £500 off list price until 31st March 2016.