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Happy Birthday to Malcolm and Welsh Neil!


Errin Todd


April 19, 2016


Two of our customers celebrated the 1st Anniversary of their new lobster system this week.

Todd Fish Lobster Tank

Welsh Neil’s Todd Fish Lobster Tank

Both Malcolm and Welsh Neil have our popular 250Kg lobster holding system.  This has three large 3 metre long tanks in a stack.  The triple filter with mechanical and biological filtration, protein skimmer and ultraviolet sterilizer is at the side.  Covering 4 square metres and holding up to 250Kg of lobster, crab and/or langoustine these are ideal for fishermen and smaller merchants.

The team at Mermaid Seafood are delighted with their system.  They recently purchased some consumables to do their in-house service including a new UV bulb, airstone for the protein skimmer and o rings.  They also requested our new water testing service.  If our customers send a water sample to us we can thoroughly test all of the parameters with our more sensitive testing equipment and give advice on how to ensure their water is in optimum condition and give advice as necessary.  This gives our customers peace of mind.

Wayne who works at Mermaid Seafoods said the system has saved his Marriage!

Their old DIY system used to require so much maintenance and cleaning and the team never knew if it would be working or have caused a complete stock wipe-out. They approached it every morning with trepidation.  They stock losses alone meant this cheap, DIY option was a false economy.  Wayne missed dinner almost every night due to the time-consuming maintenance.  He said it was the last thing he felt like after a hard days work with an early start.  Now with his new Todd Fish Tech lobster holding system he is home every night for dinner and the team at Mermaid have every confidence in the system.  In a year they have only just reached double figures of mortalities and it has held the 250Kg capacity and been sold weekly.  They are full of compliments for our helpful and professional service.  They are ideal customers as when they have any challenges they call for advice and follow our instructions getting the best our of the system.  We are currently advising them on developing biosecurity protocols (all for free).

Welsh Neil (called this as Neil is a very popular fisherman’s name and we have five Neil’s as customer’s) is happy with his tank and after the initial maturation of the filter it has been running like a dream.  We had to improve part of the triple filter as the sponges kept raising in the filter.  We added a new supporting arm which also works as a visual tell-tale if the filter sponges are blocked and ensures the flow of water is not stopped (which happens on older style filters e.g. sand filters and can cause overnight wipe-outs).  An additional benefit added to overcome a wee challenge thanks to Neil for his swift communication and patience with us.  Listening to our customers’ feedback helps us to improve and ensures our new inventions are always market led.

We wish Malcolm and Neil many more happy and successful years with their lobster systems.  Thanks guys for your business, support and friendship.  We always enjoy the banter when they call.

Best Fishes,