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Privacy Statement – new GDPR regulations


Errin Todd


May 11, 2018


Hello Folks,

We’ve always been very careful with your contact details here at Todd Fish HQ.

When you get in touch whether through our contact page, email, by phone or in person we have created a paper file of your business information and which of our products you are interested in which we store securely.  We like to keep in touch with you about special offers, events and information about our products and services and of course send you a new catalogue once a year of our shellfish holding systems.

We take care of all of the information you give us and we never share it with anyone else.  We of course hope you all become a Todd Fish Tech customer one day and want to maintain a good working relationship with you.

If anyone wants us to delete their information simply email or call tel no 01383 820685 anytime.

Our full privacy statement is here:

Todd Fish Tech respects your rights to privacy.  The information you share with us through this website is not stored electronically by us.  We do keep your information in a paper file which is securely stored.

We keep a note of your name, business name, postal address, contact telephone numbers, email address and details of your enquiry and which of our products you are interested in and any notes of any contact we have had with you.

We would like to continue to contact you in the future with information about our special offers, new products, events, advice and information about our products and services.  We also produce a catalogue every year with information and photographs of our products which we would like to post to you.

As you have contacted us to ask for information, prices, a catalogue or quote for our products and services we believe we have a legitimate reason to store your information and contact you again in the future.

We do not share your information with anyone else.

We do have feature case studies on our blog but this is always done with the customers’ consent and the information we share is agreed with them prior to publishing.

As of 25th May 2018 new GDPR regulations come into force in the UK.  We will continue to store and use your contact information in the same, careful way as we have always done.

If you would like us to delete you from our mailing list please email us at or call Tel. No. 01383 820685

Best Fishes,