Todd Fish Tech Purification Systems for Bivalve Depuration.

Seafish approved designs. Todd Fish Tech mussel, oyster, razor clam and scallop depuration systems have been supplied throughout Europe since 1998.

Our new Oyster Pod, stacking purification system, brings shellfish farmers all of the benefits of our award-winning Lobster Pod i.e. it saves space, energy and uses less water.

Our insulated fibreglass purification tanks have a unique self-draining base and include an energy efficient pump, ultraviolet steriliser, flowmeter, hour run meter and trays.

The systems are superior to other systems on the market offering many benefits but are still practical and cost-effective.

The Purification System purifies bivalve shellfish.  Current Seafish Industry Authority (UK) guidelines state all bivalves from less than ‘A’ class water must be purified however depuration is highly recommended for all bivalves for human consumption.

The Todd Fish Tech Purification System is a turn-key system ready to simply fill with water and go.  There is no installation charge on these systems.

Bivalve Depuration Components

Each turn-key system includes:

  • Either a Tank (Insulated Fibreglass tank with self-cleaning base) or Polypropylene Pod.
  • Recirculation Pump – Energy efficient pump
  • Ultraviolet Sterilizer – we use a 55 watt UV which is larger than the minimum 35 watt required.
  • Flowmeter
  • Pipework – ABS industrial quality which is impact resistant and less brittle at lower temperatures.
  • Fittings – all A4 stainless steel
  • Stacking Trays

All components are toxin free.  All electrical components are splash proof and have an IP rating. Cheaper systems use polyproplene tank, PVC pipe, basic pump and have no flowmeter or trays.  You can buy cheaper but you’ll never get better.  Buy the best – your fish deserve it!

Volume / Weight Table

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