About Us

The Todd Fish Tech team are the leading designers and manufacturers of shellfish systems in the UK.

This talented and experienced team have created an innovative range of shellfish systems which improve the quality of your catch and help customers grow thriving businesses.

Get in touch to discuss your project today and our knowledgeable team will be happy to help.

Our Team

The inventors of the patented Lobster Pod live shellfish storage system are marine biologist, Dr Keith Todd, and the Sea-E-O and Founder of Todd Fish Tech, Errin Todd. General Manager, Laura Johnson, has been with the team since the start and is also a marine biologist.

Errin Todd

Errin Todd

Founder and Sea-E-O

Dr Keith Todd

Dr Keith Todd

Research and Development Director

Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson

General Manager

Manufacturing Technicians

Our Manufacturing Technicians are Harry Carmichael and Cameron Harris and they are a clever, hard-working and enthusiastic team, truly the best we’ve ever had. We also run a work experience programme working with local schools and Fife Council.

Harry Carmichael

Harry Carmichael

Trainee Production Manager

Team - Cameron Harris

Cameron Harris

Manufacturing Technician

Staff Vacancy

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Trainee Manufacturing Technician

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