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Todd Fish Tech are the UK’s number one designer and manufacturer of shellfish holding systems.

Our team of experts make innovative systems to ensure healthy and happy shellfish.  Our lobster tanks are eligible for grants from the new Maritime Fisheries Fund (MFF) in the UK, please contact us for a quote or advice.

Our aim is to help create a sustainable shellfish fishery.

Our new workshop, office and showroom is based in Dalgety Bay, Fife.  This larger manufacturing workshop enables us to produce quality shellfish systems and provides a fantastic base for the research and development of new products.

Our most popular product is the patented Lobster Pod holding system for storing lobster, crab and langoustine.  It is energy efficient, space saving and really easy to use. The Lobster Pod shellfish system has won multiple awards including the Fishing News Technical Innovation Award.

Lobster Pod
The Lobster Pod HOLDING SYSTEM is an innovative live shellfish storage system.

The Lobster Pod live shellfish system is our best-selling product for storing lobster, crab and langoustine. It stores the largest capacity of shellfish in the smallest footprint and is extremely energy efficient with an integrated filter and seawater chiller. The Lobster Pod stacking unit has a proven 99%+ survival rate for shellfish and is really easy to operate.

Oyster Pod
The Oyster Pod stacking bivalve purification system is our best-selling depuration system.

We also manufacture traditional small scale purification tanks with added user friendly features. Post Brexit new export legislation means that un-purified bivalves can no longer be exported to Europe. We are keen to support our customers through the changes.

“I am really proud of the Todd Fish Tech team and delighted to be the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of multi award winning lobster tanks. Thanks to all of our customers, suppliers and supporters”.

Founder and Sea-E-O

Crab Pod
The Crab Pod holding tank is a new invention particularly suited for conditioning crab prior to export ensuring the crustaceans are fit and robust.

It can also be used for langoustines in their tubes or lobster. The Crab Pod tank has a unique water and air diffuser channel in the base ensuring a flow of filtered and aerated water throughout all of your valuable livestock.

We also make lobster hatchery equipment, shellfish vivier systems, research aquaria and bespoke shellfish storage systems.

Our consultancy service provides support in fisheries grant applications. We can support you through the application process from initial idea to successful completion or simply complete a professional grant application for you.

We invest in research and development to continually improve our systems and to help create a more sustainable fishery.  We operate a lobster hatchery to release baby lobsters for fisheries enhancement and are currently working on breeding crawfish, an endangered native species.

Please contact our Sea-E-O and Founder, Errin Todd, if you require any more information or a quote. Our Research & Development Director, marine biologist Dr Keith Todd, designs all of our shellfish systems and is a leader in his field. Keith is happy to be a consultant on bespoke or larger projects.

Please get in touch for more information.

Bivalve Purification System

Todd Fish Tech’s purification systems are based on the Seafish Industry Authority standards and are a validated design.

Lobster Hatchery Equipment

Todd Fish Tech have developed really innovative lobster hatchery technology which is energy efficient and ensures environmentally fit lobster juveniles.

Shellfish Tanks

Our value range of fibreglass holding tanks with filtration and seawater chillers are great for fishermen and merchants just starting out.

Research Aquaria

Todd Fish Tech offers bespoke design, manufacture, installation and maintenance service for Research Aquaria.

If you would like to learn more about our systems please get in touch