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Lobster Pod is nearer to approval of Patent


Errin Todd


March 30, 2017


As many of you will know we have applied for an international patent for the Lobster Pod live shellfish storage and vivier system.

We are a stage nearer to the patent being approved and are very excited about this.  Our PCT application has now gone to the territories we wish to pursue and we await a final search and examination report.  Our initial UK patent application search and examination report suggests there are many patentable features of our invention.

We designed the Lobster Pod to solve many of the problems currently faced by fishermen, merchants and suppliers in the supply chain from catch to plate.

How do you keep lobsters and other shellfish alive and in premium condition from the boat to storage to the haulage vehicle?  There is no market for dead lobsters.  And how do you achieve this whilst using up less space, minimum energy costs and reduce your impact on the environment?  Oh, and if this can all be done at minimum capital costs and a quick return on investment too!

We spent years trialling and testing our invention.

We have been manufacturing lobster tanks and filters since 1998.  The Pod needed to be robust and light and provide maximum loads of shellfish on a small footprint.  We like a challenge and are very proud of the Lobster Pod and know it provides a great solution for the industry.

The Lobster Pod has won many awards

including Scottish Edge, Fishing News Technical innovation Award, Scottish Environment Business Awards (formerly VIBES), British Chamber Award (Scottish regional winner) and Great British Entrepreneur silver award for manufacturing.  Awards are great but getting positive feedback from our numerous Lobster Pod customers all over the UK is even better.  New Wave Seafoods in Gloucester said their three Pods are working even better now one year on!  Sammie Harvey from Selsey, West Sussex loves her new Pod and is already planning for more systems to grow the family business. We have Pods from the North coast of Scotland to the South coast of England and many more planned for this year.

If you would like to hear more about how our unique and innovative Lobster Pod could help you grow your business and maximise profits please call Errin or Keith on Tel No. 01383 820685.

Best Fishes,