Vivier Transport Systems

Todd Fish Tech have designed the patented Lobster Pod vivier.

This innovative system can be filled with seawater and used as a holding system or it can be used as a shower system or a unique misting system when in your lorry.

The controlled atmosphere misting system keeps shellfish in perfect condition even if your journey takes longer than usual.

In vivier tanks the waste and ammonia produced by the shellfish builds up and oxygen decreases. The Lobster Pod vivier ensures optimum conditions at all times with filtered and chilled mist.

The Lobster Pod vivier uses the height of your vehicle so you can transport more shellfish per vehicle.

The shellfish are held in customised fish boxes so they do not get any physical damage.  The entire Lobster Pod vivier is palletised making it easier to load and unload and decreases handling and stress for the shellfish.

The Lobster Pod vivier has an integrated filter creating the optimum conditions with clear, clean and chilled water. 

By using a misting system instead of filling vivier tanks the load is lighter (reducing fuel costs and carbon emissions) and a safer, stable load.  No need to fill the tanks with water from the harbour or dump the water at your destination ensuring better quality water at all times and improves biosecurity and limits disease risks.

Traceability and security is easy with the Lobster Pod vivier. 

This patented system has been proven to have a 99%+ survival rate adding to your bottom line and providing an amazingly quick return on investment. 

The Lobster Pod vivier can transport more shellfish per vehicle with a 99% survival rate.  It is lighter than traditional viviers costing less in fuel and reducing carbon emissions.  Animal welfare is improved with reduced handling and stress.  It is really easy to operate and creates the optimum conditions for your shellfish from creel to plate.

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“Chefs agree that lobster taste better after a stay in our Lobster Pod shellfish hotel than straight from the sea.”

Founder and Sea-E-O

Crab Pod Vivier

We also make a Crab Pod vivier which is useful for smaller vehicles which don’t have the height for the Lobster Pod vivier or for species which really prefer to be immersed in water. 

The Crab Pod vivier has a unique integrated filter and lid to reduce splashing. 

We use this system when moving larger quantities of crab, langoustines in tubes, crawfish and spiny species of crab e.g. king crab and some finfish species.

If you would like to learn more about our systems please get in touch