We are the UK’s number one designer and manufacturer of lobster tanks.  Our team of experts design and manufacture innovative systems to ensure healthy and happy shellfish.  Our aim is to help create a sustainable shellfish fishery.

Our most popular product is the cutting edge Lobster Pod system for storing lobster, crab and langoustine.  It is energy efficient, space saving and really easy to use.

We manufacture the leading bivalve depuration system called the Oyster Pod which is a stacking purification system and we also make traditional purification tanks.

The Crab Pod is a new invention for storing and conditioning crab prior to export ensuring the crustaceans are fit and robust.

Our value range of fibreglass tanks with filtration and seawater chillers for storing shellfish are great for fishermen and merchants just starting out.

We also make lobster hatchery equipment, filters, research aquaria and display aquaria.  Please get in touch for more information.

Please contact our Sea-E-O and Founder, Errin Todd, if you require any more information or a quote.  Our Research & Development Director, marine biologist Dr Keith Todd, designs all of our shellfish systems and is a leader in his field.

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