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2016’s Most Popular Shellfish System


Errin Todd


March 8, 2017


In 2016 we sold lots of different Shellfish Holding Systems but the most popular was our new 300Kg capacity Lobster Pod.

The 300Kg Lobster Pod has the highest capacity of shellfish on the smallest footprint of any of the systems we manufacture.  The Pod has many benefits over the traditional tanks including the ability to grade and track your stock.  By placing different sizes or species of shellfish in each customised fishbox it makes it easier especially if you sell to the public or have several customers who purchase smaller amounts or specific sizes e.g. restaurants.  The Lobster Pod can also drain in the event of a power cut making this system a wise choice in rural areas or for customers in areas prone to power cuts.  If the shellfish is left in un-aerated water overnight they may not survive.  The Lobster Pod is also great if you are short of space as it has a small footprint and front access so does not require as much room height as our tanks.

The 2015 favourite was the 250Kg capacity traditional tank based Shellfish Holding System.

We thought that the award-winning Lobster Pod was going to be the most popular this year again however already we have sold five 250Kg capacity shellfish tanks with filters.  These have all been sold to fishermen who like the fact these systems and the stock can be checked quickly leaving them to concentrate on the important job of fishing.  Usually we can be quite quiet in our workshop until April or May when the lobster fishing starts in earnest but we think the industry is planning a bumper year! Other reasons the fishermen like this tank based holding system is that it is more traditional and therefore more familiar to them.  All of our new customers stated improved security of their stock (rather than storing shellfish in keeps at sea) was their main reason for purchasing new tanks as well as the ability to store lobsters for local customers which is important as everyone tries to grow local markets.  As we’re having a run on these systems we can offer potential customers a great deal – please get in touch soon if you are interested.

Our other popular systems include our lobster hatchery technology.  We are making a hatchery for Amble Development Trust in Northumberland which will be installed later this month.  We also have another couple of enquiries for hatcheries and hope to hear if we have been successful in winning these contracts soon.

We know several customers have applied for the new EMFF funding and will hear if their application is successful in April so we are anticipating a very busy Spring.  If you want new lobster tanks this year please get in touch soon.

Best Fishes,

Errin Todd