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Benefits of a Lobster Pod compared to Lobster Tanks


Errin Todd


January 31, 2017


Our unique Lobster Pod shellfish storage systems have many advantages over traditional Lobster Tanks.

That being said the tanks have a place and are right for some people which is why we also sell them.

If you have plenty of space (both floor space and headroom), are new to holding shellfish and like to spend the minimum time checking your stock and cleaning or maintaining your system then our Lobster Tanks are the better choice for you.

The Lobster Pod stores shellfish in customised fish boxes.  This means they have more floor space to move in as the Pod is like a block of flats rather than a bungalow (with a lobster tank being a bungalow in this analogy).  This also means the Lobster pod needs far less floor space and is ideal if you want to use the system in your shed or garage or rent a smaller space.  Quayside space is at a premium and anything which can reduce your overheads is a good thing.  For comparison a 250Kg capacity Lobster Tank takes up 4.8 square metres compared with only 3.2 square metres for teh same capacity Lobster Pod.  The access height is lower in the Pods too with front loading which only requires 1.9 metres but the top tank is accessed from above and is 2 metres high meaning you will need steps or ladders for safe access and plenty of headroom in your building.

If you sell all of your stock to one customer e.g. the vivier trucks, then tanks are ideal.  It is quicker to load and unload them.  A Lobster Pod however allows you to have multi species and grade your stock by labelling each tray.  This makes stock rotation and selling to multiple customers easier.  i always recommend selling direct to the person who will cook the lobster.  Shorter supply chains mean more pennies for you.  The Pod makes this easier as you can empty one tray at a time and will get less wet!  If you are a fisherman and load the system gradually e.g. with each days catch the Pod makes this easier and you can keep track of your stock better.

If your area is prone to power cuts the Lobster Pod is much better as the trays automatically empty if the power goes off and lobsters and crabs survive much better damp rather than in water with no oxygen.  Lobsters left in a lobster tank during a power cut will not last the night.  You can of course get alarms and use generators too but more of this in another blog.

The fish boxes can be used onboard your boat to reduce handling of the shellfish.  This si the one single factor which will improve your survival rates and improve quality.  Over handling and rough handling is the single biggest cause of mortality in shellfish throughout the supply chain accountign for an average of 15% mortality per load.  This is not sustainable and improving your process of handling and moving stock (enabled by your Lobster Pod) will help this.  By holding the shellfish in trays you reduce the chance of crushing and physical damage too.

So, in conclusion, Lobster Pods help you to reduce handling and improve survival rates and quality of your shellfish, it takes up less space than a tank, and improves your stock rotation and traceability and makes holding multiple species and grading stock easier.

If you have any more questions give Errin or Keith a call on Tel 01383 820685.

Best Fishes,