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First Come First Served


Errin Todd


February 22, 2017


We are delighted here at Todd Fish Tech to have received another order!

As our blog fans will know we are currently manufacturing a Lobster Hatchery for Amble Development Trust in Northumberland.  This will keep us very busy until the end of March.  We only have enough room in our workshop to manufacture one other system at a time whilst completing this large project.  Whilst this is a challenge, we work around this through careful planning and making prospective clients aware that all orders will be completed on a first come first served basis.

Lucky lobster fisherman Paul from the South of Scotland has got the last manufacturing slot before April!

We can’t wait to makePaul’s 500Kg capacity Shellfish Holding System which he wants to improve his security, reduce the need for going out to his keeps in poor weather and to increase his capacity to sell to local restaurants at a higher price than exported lobsters.

We are anticipating a very busy Spring this year with several projects planned and awaiting either funding or planning decisions.  If you are hoping to have a new Lobster Tank up and running by June this year then now is the time to order.  Lead times are currently 6 -8 weeks for a 250Kg Lobster Pod or 250Kg capacity Shellfish Holding System.  If we start manufacture in April this takes us until the end of May for completion. All biological filters take time to mature and be capable of filtering the toxic ammonia out of the water if the system if run at full capacity.  We recommend at least six weeks for this process and will provide water testing kits,  our in-house water testing service, training and support until your filter is fully mature. So if you order now your system will be ready by mid June.  Time to get planning and get the cheque book out!

We manufacture systems on a first come first served basis.  So if you want a system for this Summer please do not delay and get in touch to discuss your requirements and help us with our forward planning.  We are aware of several projects awaiting the outcome of funding applications and are grateful to the prospective customers who keep in contact and let us know how things are progressing their end.

We aim to keep our systems cost-effective which means keeping our team, workshop space and manufacturing processes lean.  Please keep in touch so we can meet your expectations and continue to be the leading experts in ShellFish Tech in the UK.  We really appreciate your support.

Best Fishes,



Todd Fish Tech Ltd