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The Half-Height Lobster Pod: Our Newest Addition


Errin Todd


January 27, 2016


Our newest addition to the Lobster Pod range is the half-height version.

Each half-height Lobster Pod can hold up to 20 of our custom fish boxes, just like the full-height Pods, split over 4 stacks.

This means that full boxes do not need to be lifted as high, reducing the risk of damage to your stock and staff alike. The manifold design allows each box or stack of boxes to be drained or flooded individually, allowing total control of the system.  As the boxes in the half-height Pod are more easily accessible, it is easier to manage your stock and monitor the lobsters, improving the ease of stock rotation. The large sump increases the total volume of water in the system. This helps to improve the water quality and increases the capacity for the built in filtration, allowing safe recirculation of both natural and artificial seawater. In addition, in the event of a power cut, the boxes can drain into the deep sump which means less water needs to be replaced.

The reduced height and greater footprint also make this model better suited to use on boats where stability could be an issue, and this Pod can be adapted for use in vans without requiring the head height of a lorry.  We also offer a smaller version, with the same footprint as the full-height Pods, which can hold up to 8 custom fish boxes. This is ideally suited to fishermen and merchants dealing with smaller numbers of lobster, offering the same benefits as the larger Lobster Pods.

All orders for half-height Lobster Pods placed before the end of January will include a free chiller, so if you’re hooked – give us a call or email to discuss your system requirements.

Best Fishes,