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Happy New Year to all of our customers


Errin Todd


January 13, 2017


We’re all back and rested after a fabulous two week holiday over Christmas.

We’ve been busy this week perfecting the plans for a new lobster hatchery in England.

We hope to be awarded this contract very soon and it will keep our Fish Tech engineers busy until Easter with the manufacture.  We really enjoy designing lobster hatcheries and truly believe they play a part in helping to create a sustainable shellfish fishery.  It will be great to have another hatchery in the UK and it remains our aim to have a network of hatcheries around the coast.

We have a number of prospective clients who hope to have a shellfish holding system up and running before the start of the shellfish fishing season. Our lead time for a lobster Pod or 250Kg capacity lobster tank is usually about 6-8 weeks but if we have a big contract on this can increase to 12-14 weeks.  If you want a system before Easter (which is 13 weeks away this weekend) we would recommend speaking to us asap as we manufacture our systems on a first come first served basis.  We are often very busy in Spring with new orders and do not want to disappoint anyone planning a new set-up this year.

We are making a 200Kg Lobster Pod shellfish storage system for the Aberdeen Skipper Expo in May and we also plan to make a new polypropylene 250Kg tank based system with integrated filter.  If you are interested in purchasing these units we can deliver them at the start of June after the show. We like it when we get a run of the same system.  Before Christmas we had an order for three of our new 300Kg Lobster Pods.  This made planning and manufacture easier.

If you are planning a project for this year be sure to give Errin a call and we can work it into our increasingly busy manufacturing schedule.

Thanks for your continued support – we hope 2017 is the year of the lobster!

Best Fishes,


SEO and Founder