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Lobster Pod is joining Todd Fish Tech


Errin Todd


March 18, 2016


We are delighted to announce that from 1st April 2016 Todd Fish Tech Ltd will be the new home for Lobster Pod and Fisheries Enhance. 2013 Agriscot088

Our original company, Fisheries Enhance, specialises in marine biology consultancy and is proud to work on feasibility studies, business and technical planning and funding strategies for our clients including Marine Scotland, community groups and fishermen. We have been trading as Todd Fisheries Technology (sole trader – boom boom) since 2014 where we launched at the Aquaculture Expo in Aviemore.  Todd Fish supplies lobster tanks, lobster hatchery equipment and bivalve purification systems.  Our innovative storage and transport system was at the early research stage in 2014 and we started Lobster Pod Ltd as a new business to raise the funding required to develop the new product.  We are proud winners of Scottish EDGE which funded the new product and enabled to become a reality.  Lobster Pod was launched by Fisheries Minister Richard Lochhead at the International Skipper Expo in Aberdeen in 2015.  We have had a great year of trade and thank all of our customers and supporters.

We were making our plans for this year and one of our biggest challenges was managing our time over the three businesses.  Most of our customers in all of these businesses are shellfish fishermen and fish merchants.  When we write a blog with tips for operating a shellfish system it seemed applicable to both Todd Fish and Lobster Pod.  This was becoming confusing for our customers and adding to our workload.  We believe quality matters.  If we have one website, one blog, one twitter account, one email address and one YouTube channel for all three businesses then we can dedicate more time to improving our products.  We hope this simpler, streamlined approach makes us more accessible for our customers.  We have developed a great brand with Lobster Pod and want to do the same for our other fantastic products such as our Lobster Tanks and Bivalve Purification Systems.

Our values are:

Create Innovative, Practical Solutions which Enhance Fisheries

We are Committed to Improving Sustainability, Quality, Efficiency and Profitability throughout the Supply Chain

Work Smart and Play Nice.

These values will be better served with one company rather than three.

From 1st April 2016 our trading name will be Todd Fish Tech Ltd.  There will be no changes to your warranties, terms, service schedules or person you deal with.  The team, place of work and fantastic products will all be the same.  The only things to change will be the trading name (if you are currently with Lobster Pod Ltd or Fisheries Enhance). We are so grateful to all of our supporters who have helped us get this far especially Business Gateway Fife (Brian, Alasdair and Joanna), Scottish EDGE (Evelyn, Steven and EDGE Alumni), our mentor Paul, the team (Laura and Marek) and our customers.  Let’s make 2016 the Year of the Lobster!

Best Fishes,

Errin Todd with Lobsters

Errin Todd with Lobsters