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Lobster Pod V Traditional Lobster Tanks


Errin Todd


August 30, 2016


Which is better?  The Lobster Pod versus Traditional Lobster Tanks.

Firstly, I’d like to be clear that we always recommend a filter which at the absolute minimum has an ultraviolet steriliser, a mechanical filter, a biological filter and a protein skimmer.  Why would you risk having any quantity of lobsters or crab in a tank with no filter? We regularly hear of complete wipe-outs from merchants who try to store shellfish in tanks with no filter and think water changes are enough. As a luxury, high-value, live product every care should be taken to maintain the quality.

Many of our prospective clients ask us which system is better between our shellfish holding system and our new, innovative Lobster Pod. Both of these systems will store your shellfish for months in prime condition but there are a few differences.  This article is intended as a quick guide although every clients’ situation is different so it is always worth giving us a call to discuss the options suitable for you.

Shellfish Holding Tanks

The main advantage of the shellfish holding system is the price (it is a cheaper than the Lobster Pod) although the system does require installation by our engineers on-site.  As the top of each tank is open a visual check of your stock is quicker.  All of the filter components are at the side making access for cleaning and maintenance easy.  If all of your stock is delivered at once this is the best option. If you are new to operating a shellfish system this is also the easiest to learn.  These systems are made from GRP and have insulated fibreglass tanks with smooth internal corners and can have windows fitted.  They are robust, easy to clean and can be made in many colours.

The Lobster Pod

The Lobster Pod however offers many advantages.  It does not require on-site installation in most spaces so the difference in price is negligible. It takes up much less space (3 square metres for the 250Kg Pod compared to 4.8 square metres for the tanks) so you can store a lot more shellfish in less space or save in rent by leasing a smaller building or even your garage.  The shellfish is held in customised fish boxes making grading and sorting of your stock much easier. As provenance and traceability is one of the key drivers for your customers this feature is a great advantage. If your area is prone to power cuts there is a built in drain which ensures the stock is not wiped out due to lack of oxygen. The top access height is lower so no ladders or steps are required making it safer.  The lower height also means it can be used in a standard storage container.  The Lobster Pod, with a few modifications, can also be used as a vivier to transport your shellfish and on a boat.  Your shellfish can be graded onboard and then simply moved between systems limiting handling and therefore reducing stress.  The Pod is made in-house which means any bespoke features or changes are easier to accommodate (the fibreglass tanks are made using our moulds but bespoke tanks are very expensive due to moulding costs). The frame, filter and boxes are made from virgin polypropylene which is 100% recyclable and easliy mended if damaged.  The Lobster Pod is also award winning.  It currently has six international award from organisations including VIBES, Scottish Edge, Scottish Chamber and Fishing News.  The Pod is also a finalist in the European Business Awards for the Environment.

The decision on which system is best for you should be based on your experience of operating holding tanks, your working practices, the space you have available and your budget.  We are sure we have a system which can suit your needs – please give us a call on Tel. 01383 820685

Shellfish Holding Tanks

Shellfish Holding Tanks


Lobster Pod

Lobster Pod