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We’re making another Lobster Hatchery!


Errin Todd


February 7, 2017


We’re delighted to have won the contract to design, manufacture and commission a Lobster Hatchery for Amble Development Trust in Northumberland.

The hatchery will be in the Seafood Centre in Amble which already has a fantastic fishmonger.  The lobster hatchery will be open to the public and have aquarium displays too.

The hatchery will be open in time for Easter.  The hatchery will include tanks for broodstock lobsters.  The female lobsters with eggs are kept in optimum conditions.  This hatchery will also have a patent-pending Lobster Pod shellfish storage system to hold the adult lobsters.  The Lobster Pod has won many awards including the Fishing News Technical Innovation Award, VIBES Award, Scottish Edge, Scottish winner of the British Chamber Awards, European Business Awards for the Environment, Fife Business Award and Great British Entrepreneur Awards in manufacturing and SME. This new application for the Lobster Pod is another example of our continuing research and development here at Todd Fish Tech leading to new innovations.

When the larval lobsters hatch out they are planktonic and will move into one of our unique kreisel tanks.  These tanks provide a gentle, constant water flow to keep the larval lobsters suspended to prevent them from eating one another.

The lobsters will moult as they grow until after four moults when they settle on the sea bed.  At this stage the juvenile lobsters are moved to another system.  This juvenile system is also unique to the team here at Todd Fish Tech and is circular with separate compartments for each of the baby lobsters.

Lobster Hatcheries have been proven to increase the numbers of lobsters locally.  By rearing the baby lobsters in a hatchery on land the numbers are increased greatly as these baby lobsters are returned to the fishery.  Hatcheries play a part in creating a sustainable lobster fishery and we are very proud to bring our knowledge of the process and Fish Tech to assist Amble Development Trust in this exciting project.

I am aware we use the words unique and innovative a lot in our blogs but we are a cutting-edge company and there is no other business in the UK who focuses on Fish Tech specifically for shellfish.  We are the industry experts and proud to have been supplying shellfish holding tanks, bivalve depuration, lobster hatcheries and research aquaria for nineteen years to fishermen, fish merchants, fishmongers, universities, restaurants and community groups.

If you would like to know more please call Dr Keith Todd on Tel. No. 01383 820685

Best Fishes,


Errin Todd