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We Manufacture Bespoke Lobster Tanks


Errin Todd


August 23, 2016


Todd Fish Tech has a range of standard lobster tanks ranging from 40Kg capacity to multiples of 1 tonne but we also manufacture bespoke systems.

Research Aquaria

GRP Tanks with windows and bespoke cooling panels at the back

Sometimes our customer’s have specific requirements and we can accommodate these.  Today we got an order for our standard 250Kg shellfish holding system but the client wants to hold his lobsters from the end of Summer when the price is low until the price rises at Christmas.  He doesn’t want to have to climb a step or ladder several times a day over the next four months to check on his stock so wanted windows put in the insulated, fibreglass tanks so he can easily see his catch.  Our 250Kg capacity shellfish holding tanks were the best seller in 2015 and we are delighted they are still popular this year.

Other bespoke systems we have been asked for recently include adding a filtration package to bivalve depuration tanks.  These tanks cannot have mechanical or biological filtration as part of the system during the purification of mussels or oysters.  Some clients however use the tank outwith the mussel season to hold lobster and crab and these beasts really need a filter.  We can put a simple quick release coupling onto the tank for quick and easy change-over.  This ensures the tank is working hard all year.  Another addition we regularly get asked for is a filtration package for existing tanks.  Many fishermen and merchants have already invested in large tanks but recognise the need for improved filtration.  We have our

Holding Systems for Shellfish

Fish Hatchery for Tilapia with bespoke tanks and filter

standard filter which has the capacity to filter up to 250Kg of stock but for larger capacities we make bespoke polypropylene filters in house.  Clients also request alarms, battery back-up, lids for tanks, frames made from GRP i-beams and bespoke tank sizes.

As well as bespoke systems for shellfish we pride ourselves on our lobster hatchery systems which are all designed and manufactured in-house and bespoke to each project and their location, space, working practice and aims.  We are proud to have supplied the equipment for the National Lobster Hatchery in Padstow, Cornwall back in 2005/6 and the Firth of Forth Lobster Hatchery in North Berwick.  In 2015 we made the lobster and oyster hatchery called Seascope in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland and the year before designed and made a hatchery for one of the UK’s largest fish merchants in Eyemouth, Berwickshire.

We are currently working on a bespoke research aquarium for Cambridge University.  They required an aquarium which could control photo period, temperature and the water parameters for the culture of Amphioxus.  Our management team have also completed the feasibility, strategic planning, project management and design and manufacture of the state of the art marine research station in St Abbs, Berwickshire as well as the refit of the Dove Marine Lab at the University of Newcastle.

If you have an unusual request for an aquatic system please give us a call and ask for Keith Tel. 01383 820685.

Kilkeel Larval

Todd Fish’s bespoke Kreisal Tank for larval culture e.g. lobster hatchery

Best Fishes,

Holding Systems for Shellfish

Large Scale Filter, Protein Skimmer and Seawater Chillers for 8 tonne Lobster Holding System

Errin Todd


Holding Systems for Shellfish

Bespoke Brush Filter by Todd Fish