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New Wave purchase another Lobster Pod – 6 month ROI


Errin Todd


August 22, 2016


We are delighted that New Wave Seafoods based in Gloucester have just purchased another Lobster Pod!

Spider Crabs in Lobster Pod

Spider Crabs in Lobster Pod

They had two Pods with the capacity to hold 200Kg of shellfish each installed in March 2016.  New Wave were the first company to order our new polypropylene design which has a larger sump tank, integrated six stage filtration and is a lower height for easier access.  The fish merchants have been using the Lobster Pod to store lobster and spider crab predominantly but have also held langoustine (prawns) and brown crab.  New Wave get most of their shellfish from Cornwall and supply the local market and London. Quality is the priority for Nick Bartimote who manages the shellfish department at New Wave.  By starting with top quality shellfish and then holding it in a Lobster Pod until it recovers form the capture stress ensures their supply is always the best. By allowing the live shellfish to purge and get rid of any build up of ammonia and de-stress in the Pods Nick knows it will be thriving when he delivers the shellfish to his customers.

New Wave Seafoods purchased two systems in March and we were thrilled to hear that the team have already seen a return on the investment  By buying another Lobster Pod now they can make the most of the seasonal market as the prices of shellfish, especially lobster, will begin to rise before they hit double or even triple the value at Christmas and over winter.  The Lobster Pod can hold lobsters for up to seven months without being fed and we have proven they do not lose any weight, condition or indeed flavour.  We knew the Pod had the ability to be a game changer for the industry as it can be used onboard, as a holding system and as a vivier increasing the survival rate and improving the quality of shellfish.  We are chuffed that New Wave are our first repeat customer and have had such success with the Lobster Pod.

We often see a rush in sales in August and September as fishermen and fish merchants prepare for the most lucrative Christmas season.  If you are thinking of installing a lobster tank to store your catch until winter then please get in touch.

Thanks to Tim, Nick and the team at New Wave and #BestFishes for the future.

Errin Todd

New Wave's Lobster Pods

New Wave’s Lobster Pods

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