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Todd Fish Tech is now the home of the Lobster Pod


Errin Todd


February 22, 2017


Okay folks, I know we’ve been dithering a bit lately but we are finally merged and all of our sister companies are together and called Todd Fish Tech.

We have made the mistake of asking too many people for their advice but by listening to the only people who really matter – you the customer – we’ve finally brought our companies together to make it simpler for you.

I won’t bore you with the reasons we set up three companies to begin with but by simplifying our company structure we can save time and make our administration easier so we have time to focus on further improving our customer service. Another reason for the change is that we are anticipating several large orders later this year with customers who wanted to purchase both Lobster Pods (formerly sold through Lobster Pod Ltd), Lobster Tanks (formerly sold through Todd Fisheries Technology) and project management, design and consultancy (formerly sold through Fisheries Enhance). This made communications and contracts more difficult than they needed to be.

If you are already a customer there will be no change to your contracts or timescales.  All outstanding warranties will be honoured.  The old companies are still running in the background until all accounts are settled.  From April 2017 the only trading company will be Todd Fish Tech Ltd.

We still have the same professional team, the same address, email address and telephone numbers.

Our twitter handle is now Lobster Pods & Tanks @ToddFishTech and our website is (although is you go to you will be re-directed to the new website).

If you are a customer, supplier, prospective customer with a valid quote or supporter of us we will be writing and emailing to you soon as well.  We are currently working on our new, larger catalogue of Fish Tech and will send them to everyone on our mailing list but if you want one too please email me your postal address to or

Best Fishes,




Todd Fish Tech Ltd