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EMFF Funding for your new Shellfish System


Errin Todd


May 12, 2016


The new European Funding for Fisheries has been launched and you can get a 50% grant.

We are working with a number of clients across the UK to complete their application for EMFF.  Shellfish Fishermen can use the EMFF grant to fund the purchase of new equipment which can improve the value and quality of their catch, increase their ability to market the shellfish locally and implement energy efficient technology. Many of our shellfish systems tick these boxes but I am going to focus on our Tank based Shellfish Holding System and Lobster Pod Shellfish Storage and Transport System.

The Shellfish Holding System and Lobster Pod can store crustacea for up to 6 months.  The systems are designed by a marine biologist who has created the optimum conditions meaning the shellfish not only survive but thrive in a Todd Fish Tech system.  Many shellfish fishermen keep their catch at sea in keeps or simply land the days catch to local merchants.  By storing live shellfish in one of our systems you no longer have to brave the seas to get to your keeps or go out to sea fishing.  You can store from 250Kg to tonnes of live shellfish in your Todd Fish Tech holding system. This means you are no longer dependent on the (low?) prices your merchant will give you.  You can sell your stock locally to restaurants or through a fishbox scheme to local foodies who are willing to pay a premium for excellent quality, locally caught shellfish with clear provenance.  You can also store the lobsters and crab until you have a larger load and wait to sell when the prices rise in winter, Christmas or for Chinese New Year.

Holding your catch in a Todd Fish Tech system is good for the shellfish too!

Todd Fish Lobster Tank

Todd Fish Lobster Tank
















The systems are designed to reduce the stress and each animal has plenty of space with no stacking of the shellfish. The water is cleaned through our unique filtration ensuring it is clear, cool and the water chemistry is just right.  Our energy efficient pumps and use of gravity and natural forces ensure the running costs are really low costing about the same to operate as a PC.  The systems are really innovative and made in the UK.

If you are thinking of applying for an EMFF grant for one of our systems please give us a call as we’d love to help.

Best Fishes,




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