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Exhibiting at Skipper Expo, Aberdeen 2016


Errin Todd


June 14, 2016


Todd Fisheries Technology and Lobster Pod exhibited at Skipper Expo as the newly merged Todd Fish Tech Ltd.

We had our latest Lobster Pod on display.

This is the same design recently installed at New Wave Seafoods in Gloucester.  The main body of the Pod is made from polypropylene which retains the same insulation value as fibreglass but is much lighter and we can manufacture these versions in-house.  This Lobster Pod has 20 customised fishboxes (supplied by Craemer, who make the best fish boxes in our opinion) and has a holding capacity of 200Kg of lobsters, crab or langoustine.  The other advantage of this new design is an integrated filter.  The filtration still has 6 stages (sponge filter and filter bags for mechanical filtration, activated charcoal for chemical filtration , moving bed bio-reactor for biological filtration, protein skimmer to remove oily waste and UV sterilizer to kill bacteria and viruses) but with fewer connections and valves than a separate filter is more energy efficient as the flow rate is not restricted and it takes up less floor space.  The height is also reduced to 1.7 metres from our original Pod height of 2.2m making it easier to access and work and this version can easily fit into a storage container or trailer.   We are currently working on a 250Kg capacity version after lots of customer demand.

The Expo was well attended and we had a top spot next to the cafe and opposite our friends at Crown Marine Seats. Our stand was busy on both days with lots of genuine enquiries.  We’ve caught up with most of the potential customers since the exhibition and can’t wait until they have a new shellfish holding system.  The benefits of energy efficiency with low operating costs and a simple to use and maintain system which takes up little time is a real advantage to hard-working fishermen and merchants.  The results of high survival rates and improved quality of stock and better security help our systems sell themselves.  They solve so many of the challenges faced by the shellfish industry and help to regulate supply and demand so our customers can get the best price for their catch of world class seafood.

The Skipper Expo is a real highlight for our team

and although it is hard work to set up, break down and be busy all day speaking to customers it gives us real feedback on our products helping to advise our product development.  We love getting out to see customers and are delighted when we feel our products can genuinely help the customer to improve their business. We never sold the Lobster Pod at the Expo and it is still available to purchase with the special offer of a free chiller to the first lucky buyer.

Next year we would like to have a bigger stand to bring more of our products to Aberdeen.  We all felt the only thing that could have made it even better this year was more tea and lots of cake so we’ll perhaps create and area for this too.  As a Scottish start-up manufacturer we hope to sell more of our shellfish systems this year to Expo visitors – that really would be the icing on the cake!

If you want to know more or didn’t get a chance to visit Skipper Expo please give us a call – Tel 01383 820685 and ask for Errin or Keith.

Best Fishes,

Sea-E-O and Flounder

Errin, Keith and Laura at Skipper Expo 2016

Errin, Keith and Laura at Skipper Expo 2016