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What Filtration do you need on your Lobster Tank?


Errin Todd


January 16, 2017


We have several shellfish holding systems and supply them either with our triple filter or an integrated filter but many of our customers already have tanks and just need a filter.

If you are looking to add filtration to your lobster tank make sure it has all of the following:

Mechanical Filter – this is essential to remove any particulate and physical waste from the water.  There are many different types including sponge filters, sand filters, cartridge filters and bag filters.

Biological Filter – the good bacteria in this filter consume the ammonia produced by the shellfish and turn it into nitrite then less toxic nitrate. There are many types including moving bed bioreactors, trickle filters, sand filters, algal scrubbers, sponge filters and bead filters.

Chemical Filter – usually utilising activated charcoal to remove chemicals from the water and prevent ‘yellowing’.

Ultraviolet Steriliser – this filter denatures any water borne viruses and bacteria.  Be sure your UV is correctly rated to the volume and flow rate of your system.

Protein Skimmer – this removes the scum and foam from your water.

In larger systems with capacity over 1 tonne we also recommend de-gassing filters to allow carbon dioxide to be removed from the water.

Each part of the filter should be rated to the capacity of shellfish, volume of water and flow rate.

It is important to consider the energy efficiency of your filter as a poorly designed filter can be very expensive to operate and require lots of cleaning and maintenance.

We have been designing filters for shellfish tanks since 1998.  We have refined our design and now have a really efficient, effective and time-saving shellfish filter.  We believe it is the best on the market and would love to discuss this further with any interested customers.

Give Keith a call on Tel. 01383 820685 if you want to know more.

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