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Lobster Tank best seller in 2015 is ….


Errin Todd


January 19, 2016


Mermaid 4

our 250Kg capacity system. This Todd Fish Lobster Tank has three tanks which are 3.2 metres long. This system has a great balance between a large water volume (less water changes needed – hurray!) and plenty of floor space for your shellfish. The industry recommends no more than 40Kg of shellfish per square metre of lobster tank or 25Kg if you are holding longer term i.e. 6 months. Our customers liked our new Triple Filter which comes with this system. The mechanical filter uses sponges to trap the larger waste and particles and also includes a hydroclone. The biological filter is a moving bed bio-reactor using the latest filter media with maximum surface area for the good bacteria which deals with the toxic ammonia and nitrites produced by the shellfish. A protein skimmer strips out the oils and scum from the water and aerates the water before it returns to the tanks. As this is in one unit it is more compact and takes up less valuable floor space. It uses gravity and the water flows from one compartment to the next so the electrical costs of the pump are reduced. The lobster tank filter is easy to maintain as you can see when the sponges are dirty or the protein skimmer is full.

250Kg seems to be a popular size of lobster tank as it is manageable quantity of shellfish and it can easily fit in a garage or smaller store. One of our clients managed to get a Fisheries Fund grant which covered 50% of the costs and we are happy to help any customer wishing to use the new EMFF funding.

We also supply 125Kg lobster tanks and shellfish systems with 500Kg and a tonne capacity for more ambitious customers. We put a lot of thought into the design of our systems ensuring they are easy to operate and maintain so that you can focus on fishing and selling your quality shellfish for the highest prices.